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4-5 Person Far Infrared Sauna

What are the Health Benefits of Far Infrared Sauna?

Infrared Saunas are becoming widely used for chronic pain management, detoxification from heavy metals along with many other environmental toxins. Unlike conventional saunas, infrared uses light to heat the body which allows the temperature to be set much lower than a traditional sauna.

Our Sauna is 4-5 person Hemlock Corner Sauna with 10 commercial carbon heaters & Zero EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) wiring. It comes with Chromotherapy in seven different colors as well as a MP3/ CD player to enhance your relaxation experience & elevate your mood.

To compliment your experience in the sauna we have water infused with a specialized essential oil blend made personally for you, revitalizing your mind, body & spirit.


  1. Studies show that sweat from a traditional sauna contains about 3% toxins; however, sweat from a Far Infrared Sauna contains about 17% toxins, nearly six times the detoxification ability than a traditional sauna. Between 800-900 first responders from 9/11 at Ground Zero were successfully detoxified from the harmful & deadly chemicals they were exposed to in the line of duty. 

Cardiovascular Health
  • The wavelength of the FIR Sauna allows for deep penetration of the subcutaneous tissue, fat… allowing blood vessels to heat & release built up oxidative plaque from the interior lining of the vessel wall. Without the stress of that plaque, blood pressure is known to drop upwards of 20 + point within just a few sessions without the use of medications.  Providing a "Passive" cardiovascular workout for those who are in a compromised state without the concerns that a traditional heat sauna provide.

Weight loss
  1. Fat and Cellulite deposits begin to melt at 101 degrees F. Massaging fatty tissue during your sauna session will help to break down these areas into smaller water clusters which can be more easily eliminated. In just a couple of sessions there is a noticeable reduction in cellulite. The deep detoxification benefits & penetrating heat from Far Infrared Saunas can burn as many calories as 600-900 in one session.

Skin Renewal
  1. Bringing microcirculation to the surface of the skin helps to bring nutrients & oxygen. This combined with the exfoliant effect of a washcloth while in the sauna can help to remove aging lines & wrinkles, leaving the skin glowing & noticeably refreshed.

Pain Management
  1. The deep penetrating heat of the Infrared increases circulation in joints, muscles & tendons. This allows for increase in range of motion & a renewed sense of vitality. Circulation is pivotal for flexibility & mobility. Infrared Saunas are a vital part of any health routine. 

The Biomat
  1. You can also take advantage of our Amethyst BioMat while getting a massage or near infrared treatments in one of our treatment rooms.  With all the healing effects listed above it has Far Infrared Light, Amethyst Crystals, and Negative Ions leaving you feeling relaxed, revitalized & rejuvenated.