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Infrared is the newest wave in non-pharmaceutical pain managment. Over 7,500 clinics in the U.S., including the NFL, Army Rangers and Navy Seals, rely on Anodyne to expedite recovery from a broad range of conditions. 

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I am Sarah L Hicks, the owner of Essential Elements.

My practice specializes in Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery, Chronic Pain Management & Repetitive Strain Injures.


 Infrared in conjunction with body work is a powerful and dynamic intervention to the cycle of pain that often limits the flexability of soft tissue and it's natural capacity to heal.


I specialize in:



Japanese style massage based on a Kata, "structured movement or dance." Rigorous and tonifying, this massage is based on the Japanese principles of energy flow in the 14 meridians of the body and is designed to release blocks and integrate the mind, body and spirit connection.


Deep Tissue

Specialized focus on problem areas with deep structural integration. This technique removes soft tissue adhesions, increases circulation and decreases pain.


Trigger Point

Releasing tension in tight and sore muscles with deep work on specific points throughout the body, increasing range of motion and decreasing pain.  



Working the Pressure Points on the hands and feet that release tension in the rest of the body. Reflexology is an excellent treatment for many conditions and helps to relax the nervous system.



Slow and gentle touch that releases adhesions in the tissue, allowing for increase in mobility and decrease in pain and restricted movement. Excellent for those who prefer a light massage.




Sports Injury Recovery 

Specialized care for acute injuries using infrared and hands on techniques that will get you back in the game you love! A combination of infrared and deep work with a focus on the muscle groups specific to your game.



Sports Enhancement


Try a massage before your game. Infrared combined with Trigger Point and Shiatsu can increase your flexibility and endurance taking minutes off your mile and adding yards to your swing. For additional charges I can come to your tournaments and games for pre and post treatments.



Palliative Care 


It is an honor to provide compassionate Therapeutic Touch to those with a terminal illness. 










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