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Massage Therapy

Sarah L Hicks LMT, RYT, Yoga Therapist

I began my practice of pain management on the island of kauai in 2004 working with local physicians doing post operative treatments with infrared.

I became, a licensed massage therapist in 2010 with a specialized focus on pain management and sports injury recovery at portland state university. I specialize in whiplash recovery, orthopedic massage, shiatsu, deep tissue, trigger point & reflexology. 

In 2017 I finalized a 5 year program becoming certified as an internationally accredited yoga therapist, with a focus on Therapeutic recovery for joints, Eastern Medicine, meditation and mindfulness. 

I teach at classes on Eastern Medicine/ayurveda, Meditation & Mindfulness as well as pain management for the local Hospital and community college. 

Becky Eddy Phillips MFA LMT

Becky Phillips has been a massage therapist since 2000, is trained in Swedish Massage and brings to her practice a focus in deep tissue, low back techniques, neuromuscular therapy and as a supplement, a practice in yoga, meditation and Qigong. She is delighted to be working as a Massage Therapist in the area and ready to focus on her clients needs.

She has an MFA and is a professional artist and an adjunct professor at Southwestern Oregon Community College and Blinn College. She and her family, husband and two teenage boys, a dog and a cat, moved to the Oregon coast this past year. They love going to the ocean and hiking and keeping fit. In her art practice, she has made a series of paintings titled “You’d Think It Were Sunny”, a message about how we all have a physiologic response to our environment.

Infrared is the newest wave in non-pharmaceutical pain managment. Over 7,500 clinics in the U.S., including the NFL, Army Rangers and Navy Seals, rely on Anodyne to expedite recovery from a broad range of conditions. 

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