Essential Elements

Center for Regneration & Pain Relief

Spinal  Injury Recovery

Whiplash Recovery 

Spinal Injuries can have a lasting impact on the body & our daily lives. At essential elements we work with your health team to get you back to doing the things that you love. With a combined program of orthopedic massage, yoga therapy and infrared we have you covered. 

Structural Integration is a unique form of massage that is designed to reorganize the soft tissue surrounding the skeleton, allowing the muscles release tension patterns that distort posture, restrict range of motion & impinge nerves. This form of massage is excellent for whiplash recovery from MVA or a sports injury. 

Infrared increases local circulation up to 3,200% in 20 minutes (in a NASA doplar radar scan). This allows injuries to repair 40-60% faster. Infrared combined with bodywork has a deep & powerful healing impact on the soft tissue as well as the skeletal structure. 

Infrared & Bodywork can help alleviate symptoms of:

Chronic Tension/ Pain of Neck

Loss of Range of Motion of the Neck

Chronic Tension/ Pain or Lack of Mobility in Shoulders

Chronic Tension/Pain of Lower Back or Pelvis & Hips

Impinged Nerves

Tingling in the Arms or Hands

Limited Range of Motion

Muscle Tears