Essential Elements

Center for Regneration & Pain Relief

Yoga Therapy is used for:

Muscle Stiffness

Muscle Weakness

Injury Recovery

Whiplash Recovery



Multiple Sclerosis

High Blood Pressure


Major Life Changes





PMS/ Menopause

Yoga is also used as an excellent tool to keep athletes at the top of their game. Increasing flexibility & resilience while decreasing risk for injury!

Yoga Therapy is a 5,000 year old Science that is centered on the mind body connection. Through the practice of Yoga & its sister Science Ayurveda, you can learn the essential tools & habits to bring your body into a state of wellbeing & stay there. 

Yoga Therapy is a nearly 2,000 hour training program in the Science of Yoga & Ayurvedic techniques. There are only 12 institutions on the planet that are accredited through the International Yoga Therapy Alliance (IYTA) & only 6 in the U.S.

Whether you use Yoga & Ayurveda to tone your body or to recover from illness, there are endless tools as well as understandings to gain from these amazing & ancient forms of Therapy. 

A Yoga Therapy Session is centered around gaining awareness of posture, breath, Ayurvedic Dosha Constitution along with general mental, emotional & physical health. A routine is established to help each client meet their individual goals through a daily routine made specific to you.